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I’m Jonathan Heine, founder of You Are Loved Foods.

I’ve struggled with diet and weight my whole life. When I was 40, I visited one famous diet doctor after another.  They all had me follow what was essentially a food pyramid, low fat diet.  I actually gained 60 pounds doing exactly what they said. 

Finally, a nutritionist figured out that I was gluten intolerant, and more than that, I had significant trouble metabolizing starches and sugars.  He also told me I was severely insulin-resistant and was crossing over into diabetes.  That was my call to action... 

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“I saw close to no change in my blood sugar levels. I feel like my sweet tooth can finally stop missing out on all the action!”
- Kyle Lee, Type 1 Diabetic, AG Layne Chemicals, Los Angeles, CA

“Your food is truly ingenious. We could never do anything like this!”
- John Leahy, President of Kind LlC at the Expo West 2015